How does Control Your Bank work?

Control Your Bank is a personalised negotiation service designed to obtain self-employed business owners better rates, fees and terms from their existing bank. This is achieved via a simple three-step process.

  1. Sign up to Control Your Bank, ticking the required checkbox to confirm that you have read the Privacy Statement.
  2. Scan any or all of the following documents and upload them to CYB: existing letter of offer, a new letter of offer, copy of old valuation, copy of new valuation, details of property leases (if any) plus expiry dates.

Within 48 hours, we will explore whether your offer is in line with the market for your business/industry with a closing recommendation comprising the establishment fee, line fee, margins (both fixed and variable), ongoing costs, loan to value ratio, and the flexibility of product and variation considerations.

You discuss the recommendations with the existing bank on the basis of agreeing better terms/pricing. Report back to us on the outcome of discussions!

Outcome A:

    1. If an agreement is reached with your existing bank, “good news for all“ and our service ceases.

Outcome B:

    1. If no agreement is reached with your existing bank, and we collectively agree there are better terms and pricing available in the market for your business, we will submit an application to a new lender on your behalf for approval. (We provide a quote of fee for service before we proceed. The fee is only payable on approval from the new bank. If the application is not approved, a full refund is given.)
    2. The approved offer from a new bank will be used by the client to again engage the existing bank as the last chance to keep business.
      • If the existing bank keeps business no refund is given on the fee for service!
      • If we proceed to a settlement with a new bank, a refund of fee for service will take place!

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