What exactly does Control Your Bank do?

Control Your Bank (CYB) has been established to give you, the self-employed business owner the opportunity to have a trained and qualified person review and evaluate what has been offered by your lender and give you an unbiased report on their offering. Following the evaluation, CYB will advise you on the ‘quality’ of their offer and what, if any, areas that you should refer to your lender in order to improve their offer and reduce your cost. If you do not get satisfaction from your lender, CYB would be happy to work on your behalf with other lenders to obtain the best loan facilities for your circumstances.

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Key Benefits

Saves you Money

CYB has daily access to the major banks, second and third tier lenders thereby ensuring that you will benefit from our knowledge of what are the best rates and the best loan facilities for your business. Let us do the work on your behalf as this is our area of expertise.

Saves you Time

CYB understands that the majority of small to large size business owners have limited time to evaluate all the current offers out there from business lenders. This is our business! We have the time and the expertise to work on this important financial area while allowing you the time to work on YOUR business.

Very Affordable

At just $199 (+ GST), the cost of this service is very affordable - especially when you consider the potential for significant savings in interest payments if we find that your current lender is not providing you with the best loan options.

Tax Deductible

The full amount of $199 (+ GST) may be tax deductible making this exercise very affordable and a very low cost considering the potential cost savings.

Easy Process

Using CYB couldn't be simpler: complete the online form, pay the fee, and scan a few documents to commence the process. If, after receiving our evaluation and speaking with your current lender, you want us to continue to work for better loan facilities with other lenders, contact us and we will advise you of the next steps and costs.

Fast Turn-Around

CYB aims to respond within 48 hours after receiving all the relevant documents and payment. This is subject to the complexity of the transaction. For straight forward matters, 48 hours will be achieved and if more complex, you will be contacted within that 48-hour timeframe and the process and next steps explained in detail.

Join the business owners who have saved with Control Your Bank

Our group purchased a commercial property and you advised us on how to negotiate a better funding proposition which saved us all time and money. You certainly have the expertise and we would highly recommend your services!...


We are a small business with 5 partners and two commercial properties. Without your assistance, we would not have been able to negotiate the deal we have with our bank. We have banked with them for over 30 years and we were just too loyal!   Thank you, Peter and every success with CYB....


The club has banked with the same bank for 30 +years. Why did we have to use this service to find out we have been paying way too much for our loan facilities! Our eyes as a board were opened!...
I have always thought I know best on how to negotiate with my bank until I used your service. I did not understand all the jargon and differences between the banks. I do now, and the savings have been well worth the exercise!...


Great perception Peter to see the need for a concept such as Control Your Bank!  Having been a self-employed medical practitioner with an investment in commercial property tied up with the same bank for over 25 years, I did not realise, until contacting you that I was paying excessively high rates and fees. You saved us in excess of $15,000 per year! – I know CYB will be a great success....

Medical Practitioner

I would like to thank you for saving our business in excess of $5,000 pa.  What a great service! We will continue to use you ,as our bank has been taking advantage of our busy lives....

Julie and William

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your assistance in driving our rates and fees down on the construction cost of our building. A saving of over $20,000. What a great service, we would have paid way too much had we not taken the time to use your service. It is obvious now our bank was taking advantage of us. Well done Peter!...